The POWER of 20

NIADA uses several factors to determine which 20 Group is the best fit for you and your operation.  A few examples of these factors include geographic location, sales and service volume, experience and long term goals.  Click below to find out which 20 Group would be the best fit for you.


We Know How to Make Meetings Productive for Dealers

The Dealer Twenty Group program is our flagship offering and has helped thousands of dealer-owners and/or executive managers run more profitable operations. Each year we conduct twenty group meetings all across North America. Whether it is one of our Retail, BHPH, LHPH, Finance, Service or Accounting groups… we have a Twenty Group to fit your needs. Our Twenty Groups are considered the “graduate school” of automotive management.

A Twenty Group will help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably. Dealers have used Twenty Groups to build their businesses for more than 50 years. On a regular basis and under the direction of our expert moderators, your Twenty Group will meet to exchange ideas, identify best practices and discover opportunities and challenges facing your dealership.

Trust the Power of 20

“It’s not about what I know… it’s about what your 20 Group knows… your ‘board of directors’ if you will… when 20 like minded operators get in a room together and close the door… magic happens.”

Richard Meador

Oxford Truck and Car / Oxford, NC

20 Groups offer a forum to get together and work on your business.  Meeting with other operators who are strong in areas I am weak and areas I can offer my experience where I am strong and they are weak is priceless.

Dare Saul

D3 Auto Sales | DesArc, Arkansas

I have literally taken ideas out of my 20 Group that will put my children through college.  Things I may have never known, or spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning the hard way – I was able to avoid many expensive lessons by those in my 20 Group.

Jim Long

Long’s Auto | St. Paul, Minnesota

My 20 Group offers one place where I can get honest feedback on my operation, and also see honest comparables, my 20 Group members show me their numbers and it let’s me know if I am doing great or need to improve.


What is a 20 Group

A Dealer Twenty Group is an association of 12 to 20 automotive dealers with similar business models and similar-size operations. Members meet at various locations, decided on by the group, to share best practices, their successes and failures, ideas to improve operations, and most importantly, their financial (composite) data. Each Twenty Group meets three times per year at approximately four-month intervals.

Why Should I Share My Financials

Your financial information will only be shared with the group members and added to our database without indicating your operation by name. As consultants we take the confidentiality of your business operations very seriously. Group members are ALWAYS from non-competitive market areas, so you are never sharing your information with a direct competitor. Your composite data is the key to knowing the state of your business and opens the door to improvement.

Are 20 Groups only for Large Dealerships

No. We do have dealers with multiple locations that sell thousands of vehicles a year. If you ask them, part of the reason they have grown so large is that they started out small and joined a Twenty Group. We have groups for all size dealers. In fact, many of our dealers have one location and sell 20 to 40 vehicles a month. Some had multiple locations, and after being in a Twenty Group for a while, found they could be more profitable with one location, selling fewer vehicles. We have a group that will meet your needs.

Where Do I Start

The first step is easy, click on our membership application for an online membership profile or contact us and talk to one of our Twenty Group coordinators at 888.906.8283 (toll free). They work very closely with the group moderators and will determine the best fit for your dealership.

Am I Ready for a 20 Group?

If you are considering a 20 Group, complete the 20 Group Inquiry and our team will reach out to you and review which group would be the best for you to visit.  There is no commitment to join a 20 Group until you have experienced it, and see the value of the program.  We hope you will accept our invitation to attend an upcoming Twenty Group meeting.


Each member of a Twenty Group receives a monthly composite analysis comparing their operating results with those of other members in the group. This valuable information provides the foundation for measuring your dealership and increasing profits.

The composite provides industry benchmarks for operating your dealership. These benchmarks allow a dealer to measure his or her business against reliable operating information from our proprietary database of statistics from more than 1,500 dealers.

Each group is comprised of dealers that are of similar size and operation and are from non-competing markets.

The group acts as a “board of directors” that provides valuable feedback, ideas, and a sounding board when you are faced with the daily challenges of owning and operating a dealership.

A Twenty Group is the most cost effective method of dealer education and professional development.

Many members feel their Twenty Group helps provide a road map to profitability and prosperity. Twenty Groups are for dealers who want to improve and grow their business.

We hope you will accept our invitation to attend an upcoming Twenty Group meeting. We will gladly assist you in making the necessary arrangements to attend. The first step is easy. Complete the online membership application or contact us and talk to one of our Twenty Group coordinators at 941.203.3580. They work very closely with the group moderators and will determine the best fit for your dealership.



What Dealers are Saying



“Best Thing Ever”




“My twenty group membership is the single best thing I have ever done for my business. Period.”

Joe McCloskey, President, McCloskey Motors, Colorado Springs, CO




“Focusing on the Growth!”



“My Twenty Group meetings help recharge my batteries. At the same time I am focusing on the growth and profitability of my dealership.”

Matt Ghazai, President, The Motor Zone, Kalamazoo, MI



“Another successful experience”



“This Twenty Group made me what I am today.”

Sam Snellenberger, President, DBS Financial, Akron, OH



“Most Rewarding”



“Franchise dealers have had Twenty Groups for years. It is most rewarding to see the Independent Dealer Twenty Group program provide the incredible benefits of membership to independent dealers.”

Keith Farrish, President, Farrish Auto Group, Manassas, VA