Training Overview

This training course features a 3 day, LIVE Training EVENT, including presentation, interaction and Q&A.  

In this dynamic “DEALER ACADEMY”, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know to operate a profitable independent dealership(s).

Training Dates:  April 22 – 23,, 2020  (Wednesday through Friday)

Training Time:  8am EST

Cost:  $2,495.00 per attendee.   Multiple attendee discounts available.  For details contact Diann at or 941.203.3580

Location:  Dallas, Texas


Justin M. Osburn, CMD

Senior Instructor

Shaun Petersen

Dealership Compliance

Lawson Owen

BDC Solutions

David Wiggins

Accounting Supervision

Topics Covered

  • Profitability Chain
  • Executive Time Management
  • Setting and Hitting Operational Goals
  • Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent
  • Profit/Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets


  • Complex Variable Accounting Simulator
  • Accounting Best Practices & Controls
  • Inventory Acquisition & Target Audience
  • Advertising ROI and Best Practices
  • Merchandising

What You’ll Learn

In this NIADA training course, you’ll learn everything you need or want to know about the Operational Management – and then some!

You’ll receive the following:

Step-by-step guide to the overall frame of the time management and putting together a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Easy-to-folllow modules for leadership management, accounting management and merchandising/marketing.

Resource list of helpful videos, tutorials, and articles for additional clarity and context.

Lots more!

Who Is This For?

If you leave the lot at the end of the day and feel like all you accomplished was putting out fires all day, if you feel like their is no organization or structure in your operation, or if you have difficulty reading your profit and loss statement, balance sheet or statement of cashflows, then this training is definitely for you.

This training is for you if:

  • You struggle to read and manage a combination of the profit and loss, balance sheet and statement of cash flows.
  • You feel like you are putting out fires all day long and at the end of the day, have attacked little of what you intended.
  • You are interested in getting stronger at recruiting the right talent, for the right jobs and the right time. 
  • You are curious if your operation is doing good, bad or ugly in many categories and would like to learn how you stack up.
  • You want to improve your profitability in general and learn best practices in the critical areas of your operation.

Who Is Justin?

Justin is the NIADA Retail 20 Group Moderator as well as dealer consultant and trainer.  He offers over a decade of experience in BHPH and Retail executive management.  Over his career Justin has served as a sales professional, finance director, sales manager, general manager, Chief Operations Officer and owner.  Justin’s formal education in Organizational Development and Adult Learning catalyzes dynamic retail 20 groups and on-site consulting.  Justin has also served in the United States Army, has been elected for public offices and served on numerous business board of directors.  He is a public speaker, author and current instructor of the NIADA Certified Master Dealer’s Program.










  • Training Dates:  April 22 – 24, 2020 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Training Schedule:  See Agenda Details
  • Coffee is Provided (Meals are on your own)
  • Attire (Business Casual)
  • Materials:  All materials, including workbook, calculator(s), pens, notepads are provided
  • Cost: $2,495.00 per attendee
  • 20 Group Member Rate:  Email for 20Group Member Discount rate


+1 (800) 682-3837

Justin has worked with some very Happy Clients

Such a great class.  Justin makes it fun to learn …. I wish I had his Brain!  I’m very excited to implement all the items I learned from him, and look forward to talking more of his courses!

Alex Henkle

General Manager, True Blue Auto

Invaluable information!  Took away a ton of ideas that will help improve our sales process.  Would recommend to new and veteran sales people alike.

MIchael Saxe

General Manager, Frazer Motors