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Here you will find information on Justin and all of the latest training and education available to independent RETAIL dealers across the country and in Canada.

 What Are Dealers Saying About Sales Essentials…

As an owner of a 150 unit per month retail store, this class encompassed what is currently best practices in the independent world.  Every segment of the class was empowering to me.  We have sent four team members to the class, and look forward to reaping the rewards in 2019

Kim Krietz

Dealer, Krietz Auto, Maryland

The biggest “AHA” moment that I took away from Sales Essentials was how to inject the dealership’s story throughout the sales process. Thanks Justin!

Chandra Metz

Service Management, Krietz Auto, Frederick, MD NIADA CPO Dealer of the Year 2018

Took Justin’s Sales Training lass and walked away astounded at what I didn’t know.  He made it seem so easy would highly recommend.  Class is a game changer.

M Stuart Sitton II

Sales | Sales Manager, Select Auto Sales

Great presentation, really good information and very educational!!!  Ready to get started!  Very helpful!

Robbie Case

Dealer, Robert's Auto Sales, Hartselle, AL

Justin did an Awesome presentation on Facebook advertising.  Great information!

Jeff Wilkinson

Dealer, Jeff's Auto Sales, Lincolnton, NC

Invaluable information!   Took away a ton of ideas that will help improve our sales process.  Would recommend to new and veteran sales people alike.

Michael Saxe

General Manager, Frazer Motors, New York

Such a great class. Justin makes it fun to learn — I wish I had his Brain!  I’m very excited to implement all the iteams I learned from him, and look forward to taking more of his courses.

Alex Henkle

General Manager, True Blue Auto

Spending the day with Justin in the Sales Essentials Training is invaluable.  It is worth taking a day to step away from the everyday craziness to really focus down on the sales basics sales and reevaluate the process personally and for the team around you.  This one day course applies to all spectrums of the dealership industry and any associate, manager, F&I, owner, etc.  Justin is great.  I recommend to everyone to take the day away, refocus and apply these great sales principles.

Lindsay Kandrick

F&I Manager, Krietz Auto, Frederick, MD, NIADA CPO Dealer of the Year 2018

Certainly Justin was able to articulate where I need to progress as a manager.  Took home a lot of great ideas I cannot wait to implement. 



Sales Manager, Krietz Auto, Frederick, MD NIADA CPO Dealer of the Year 2018

At the Sales Essentials Training, Justin was very helpful in showing me more efficient means to help my salesmen in setting goals.   I also learned how to better use a turn over with my salesmen.

Becky Welsh

F&I Manager, Dean's Auto Plaze, Hanover, PA

Sales Essentials helped me with designing a more defined sales process that will increase profitable sales. It also helped me understand how to retain more back end gross by using some solid tactics!

Denny Hunter

F&I Manager, Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, Dubois, PA

Sales Essentials taught me how to meet and great a customers, how to handle the test drive and how to close the customer on payment and term.  

Wayne Conover

Sales Professional, Dean's Auto Plaza, Hanover, PA

Justin Osburn’s Sales Essentials class is full of real relevant sales materials to improve your sales game, making your job easier and more efficient.

Rodney Hayes

Sales | Sales Manager, Select Auto Sales

One of my biggest take-aways in Justin’s Sales Essentials Training is how to identify sales process issues. Justin’s a very good speaker and very knowledgable about this business.  If I had to describe Sales Essentials in a word, … it was FUN!

Sean Meyers

Dealer, GoodWheels, Ellwood City, PA

Two major take aways from Sales Essential were incorporating a story and more checklists.   Checklists to increase efficiency and a story to make people feel more welcome.

Nate Stevens

Sales Manager, Krietz Auto, Frederick, MD, NIADA CPO Dealer of the Year 2018

In a word, Justin’s Sales Essentials Training is AWESOME!  I’m most excited about how much I learned about the basics of sales and providing customer excellence.  Justin’s knowledge of the business and the flow of the training are a great experience!

Mark Keating

Service Manager, GoodWheels, Calcutta, Ohio

Good sales techniques are never boring and Justin keeps the presentation crisp and sharp …. THANK YOU!

Gust Vastardis

Sales Professional, Dean's Auto Plaza, Hanover, PA

Justin delivered an excellent presentation.  It was concise, well thought out and provided a clear direction for moving forward in the area of digital marketing.  I would recommend him without hesitation… and he is handsome!

Kate Pallies

Dealer, Pallies Auto Sales, Sewell, NJ

Justin was very helpful with his presentation on Facebook marketing.  Great information!

Jennifer Harlow


We took Justin’s sales & training class and walked away with a better business plan.  It was astonishing how much he taught our team in less than 48 hours.  His flexible class structure made it easy for us to maximize our time with him.  His teaching technique is well rounded and he took the time to ensure that we understood all of the material.  He made the class entertaining.  We would highly recommend taking this class to anyone who needs help with sales & structure.  He’s excellent to work with & learn from!


Accounting Manager, Carsmark

 What Are Dealers Saying About 20 Groups…

Our 20 Group has made our success.  One idea each meeting increases our bottom line!

Dare Saul

Owner, D3 Auto Sales, AR

20 Group helped me with correct accounting, keep everyone accountable and become profitable, it is always successful networking!


Alex Ponomarenko

Owner, Drive Max

Our 20Group has truly been a game changer for our dealership.  I’ve learned so many things in a few short days, that would have taken years to learn… if ever.

Ron Stanley

Owner, Austin Auto Brokers, TX

This 20 Group has helped us focus in on the areas where we can improve our business, which then allows us to share our success with our employees and our community.  The relationships we’ve developed in our group have helped us to learn, grow, and interact beyond the meeting room.  5 STARS!

Leslie McElwain

Owner, Good Wheels, Inc.

The 20Group was exactly what I was looking for.  I needed a network of tother dealers I could bounce ideas off of or ask questions to. In just a few months my dealership is already benefiting from it. 

Janine Brancale

Owner, Star Auto Sales, CT

I have never left a 20 Group meeting with more great ideas than today!

Kurt Johnson

Owner, Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, PA

I believe the information I received in my first 20Group was worth $1,000,000.00 of added profit by implementing what I learned.

Brad Tibbs

Owner, Boise Auto Clearance, ID

This is my 1st exposure to a 20Group.  We have been in business for 25 years and more times than I can count I have said I wish I could talk to “Like Minded People.”  I feel I have found it with this groups and look forward to learning and contributing as well!

Jerrianne Hahne

Owner, City of Cars, MI

Being new to a 20Group, we didn’t know what to expect.  We are blown away by the knowledge in the group that has helped us grow more profitable.  The added bonus:  The dealer relationships dealers you trust to call on with questions:  INVALUABLE!

Bet Gaylord

Owner, Gaylord Sales

Being a part of this 20Group, maybe the most important step you take to improve your dealership.  This 20Group is where we share our business experiences whether they are good or bad.  We try to help each other move forward in every aspect of our business.


Steve Descalzi

Owner, Belford Motors, NJ

Belonging to a 20 Group is the single best business decision I’ve ever made in my 20 years in the car industry.

Andrew Wiley

Owner, Consumer Auto Warehouse, Inc.

The 20 Group has provided me with the necessary confidence to make difficult and unpleasant decisions for my business.  The results of these decisions has improved my business substantially. 


Mindy Watkins

Owner, Kurt Johnson Auto Sales, PA

Our 20 Group helps us dealers to be in the best position to succeed through best practices, education and transparency.  

Otto Hahne

Owner, City of Cars, MI

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Justin is the NIADA Retail 20 Group Moderator as well as dealer consultant and trainer.  He offers over a decade of experience in BHPH and Retail executive management.  Over his career Justin has served as a sales professional, finance director, sales manager, general manager, Chief Operations Officer and owner.  Justin’s formal education in Organizational Development and Adult Learning catalyzes dynamic retail 20 groups and on-site consulting.  Justin has also served in the United States Army, has been elected for public offices and served on numerous business board of directors.  He is a public speaker, author and current instructor of the NIADA Certified Master Dealer’s Program.

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