Do Dealers Really Need a Pixel


If you have hired a third party advertising agency to run your Facebook Ads, then step one is to check and verify and confirm they have set your Website up with a Facebook Pixel.  It is absolutely a failure of their responsibility to charge you hard-earned money, and not have set you up with a pixel.   Second, if you do not have a Facebook ad agency running your ads on Facebook, then your very first steps should be to setup a business manager ( and then setting up a Pixel for your website.  This is the starting place for running Facebook Ads.  Please do not fail to lay this foundation from the beginning.

How the Facebook pixel works


When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, clicks on inventory or a credit application), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to reach this prospect again by using a custom and/or targeted audience. When more and more triggers, credit applications and other action occur on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. Facebook calls this conversion optimization.


Setting up the Facebook Pixel


If you have access to your website’s code, you can add the Facebook pixel yourself. Simply place the Facebook pixel base code (what you see when you create your pixel) on all pages of your website, or in the “header” of all your pages. Then add standard events to the pixel code on the special pages of your website, such as your credit application page or your inventory pages. For full step-by-step instructions on adding the Facebook pixel to your site, visit the Facebook Help Center.

Many people need the help of a professional developer to complete this step. If that’s the case, simply email your Facebook pixel code to the company that built your website (,, Vinsolutions… etc.), and they can easily add it to your site.

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