Phone Scripts Used to Connect With Interested Clients

Service:  Retail 20 Group Inquiry

Hello <ClientsFirstName>, this is <YourFirstName> calling you about the NIADA 20 Group inquiry you recently submitted, how are you today?
Is this a good time for you, do you have a few minutes or would you prefer we schedule a call for me to review your inquiry?
Great, so the purpose of this call is to introduce you to our team, briefly go over the highlights of the 20 Group program and then answer any questions you might have.

Again, my name is <YourFirstName> and I assist Justin Osburn.  Justin is NIADA’s retail 20 Group Moderator in the US and in Canada and he is also NIADA’s Certified Master Dealer Instructor.  He will be your moderator and he is awesome!  

Have you ever been to a 20Group in the past?  (Record answer in notes)
Ok great, our retail 20 Groups meet 3 times per year, at locations voted on by the group, typically in full service hotels.  The meetings are a day and a half.  You will fly in Day 1 and attend a reception to meet the other dealers in the group at a reception from 7 to 9PM that night.  Day 2 is a full day, intense meeting from 8 to 5.  Day 3, the group meets from 8 to noon and then everyone goes home.  So including travel, you are out of the dealership for a total of 3 days.

The total cost to be part of a 20 Group is $330 a month.  However, you do not start paying dues until you come to your first meeting and accept the invitation to join from the group.  If you go and feel like the meeting provides value and you chose to join the group, at that point your dues begin.  If you decide not to join the group, you never pay any dues.  The only other cost associated with a 20 Group is your travel and expenses to go to the three meetings each year.

Justin has reviewed your inquiry and selected the best group for you to attend based on several factors including his experience, your geographic location and your dealerships’s KPIs.  We protect a 150 mile radius of every member’s dealership so competition is never allowed inside of any group.

The group Justin has selected for you is <Group Name>, and their next meeting is in <City, State> on <Next Meeting Date>.  <ReadGroup Profile>

<ClientsFirstName> the next step is for us to send you an invitation to this meeting via email.  It will come from Diann Flanders who is our 20Group Event Planner.  Is it ok for me to forward that information over to you so you can review your calendar and see if you can attend this next meeting?

Great, are there any questions I didn’t go over that you have about the program that I didn’t cover?

Thats a great question, I don’t have that information handy, let me make a note of that and I’ll email you the answer shortly. (Make notes of all questions in HubSpot so we can answer)
Thats a another great question, but that’s one that Justin could answer best for you, let me send him a message and he will respond to you with an answer, does that sound ok?
I’m sorry, I am new to this position and I am not sure.  Can I write that question down and get you an answer?  I appreciate your patience with me.

Awesome, well it was great to meet you, you will be receiving an email from us within the next 24 hours with that invitation and we’ll be sure to put all of our contact information on the email as well so you can reach out if you do have more questions.

Thanks again <ClientsFirstName> and have a great day.